The Green Hour

The Green Hour

The Jac

One of the best albums of 2015, Simon Sweetman
Best NZ Jazz Composition 2016
SONS OF THUNDER by Callum Allardice



Lex French (trumpet)
Jake Baxendale (alto saxophone)
Chris Buckland (tenor saxophone)
Matthew Allison (trombone)
Daniel Milward (piano)
Callum Allardice (guitar)
Nick Tipping (bass)
Shaun Anderson (drums)  


With four horns up front, Wellington ensemble The Jac assault the senses in the best possible way.
– Jon Fenton


The Jac follow their Rattle debut, 2015 Jazz Album of the Year finalist Nerve, with The Green Hour, an album of seven self-penned compositions that give every member of the ensemble ample scope to shine – particularly the composers! Recorded at Orange Studios in Christchurch, The Green Hour is every bit as dynamic and intelligent as its predecessor, a confident, highly literate example of contemporary jazz ensemble writing and performing.

"This album expands the ideas we explored on Nerve," says bandleader Jake Baxendale, "with longer forms that develop the themes, a mix of very different grooves, and more space for each improvisor to stretch out."

The quality of this music is striking for its seemingly effortlessly negotiated complexity and fluent melodicism. The Jac are a deliciously vociferous ensemble of musicians, and their evident love of music is infectious. If you’re a fan of ensemble jazz, particularly music actively engaged with contemporary trends, The Green Hour is a must.




RAT-J-1029 (October, 2015)
This album was made with support from Victoria University of Wellington, and Creative New Zealand

Produced by The Jac and Michael Bell  
Recorded by Thom O'Connor and Michael Bell at Orange Studio, Christchurch
Mixed by Steve Garden and The Jac 
Design by UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q

The Green Hour 
The Jac

01  Sons of Thunder (9:18) 2016 Jazz Composition of the Year
02  Anthem (2:11)
03  The Green Hour  (7:42)
04  The Heist  (11:38)
05  Andalucia (11:15)
06  Anomaly (9:29)
07  Magellan (15:31)
Total duration: 67:29

All compositions © The Jac 2014 

Kia ora to Trien and Laurie, Mart and Jane and the Bells for the digs, Roger and Caro for the gigs, and Ben, John and Julie for the great photos and ongoing support. To our friends, whanau and fans, we're forever grateful, and special thanks to Steve for making it all happen!