About Rattle


Established in 1991, Rattle is a contemporary instrumental music label that aims to provide an empathetic platform for the diverse quality of musics unique to Aotearoa/New Zealand, and to bring this rich soundscape to the wider world.

Rattle specialises in music by cutting-edge composers and performers, artists from a range of musical traditions, each with a unique approach to music-making.

Not limited to classical, world or jazz, Rattle albums transcend boundaries of genre, time and place. This is music to engage the head as well as the heart.


Contact Rattle


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+649 8466642
1 Kitchener Road
Auckland 1025
New Zealand


The purpose of Rattle


The central purpose of Rattle as a music label is to publish albums that excel in terms of composition, performance, cultural value and technical excellence, and to offer this music to appreciative audiences in New Zealand and abroad.

Anyone who claims commercial certainty for their creative output is either an opportunist, a fantasist, a liar, or a fool. Those who embark on creative projects with the primary purpose of making money are not, in essence, artists. Likewise, commercial viability can only be imposed by those with scant understanding of (or affinity for) music as a cultural or creative medium. Commercial considerations may have a place in art, but such considerations must know their place and be kept there, lest artists be cajoled into creating commodities.

If the work Rattle does to provide an artist-driven portal for musical excellence has value to the cultural wealth of our country, we must look to funding agencies and patrons for the support necessary to ensure that serious music continues to find an empathetic platform.