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Dog is an Auckland quartet featuring four of New Zealand's most highly regarded jazz musicians/composers, and with DOG, their superb first album, they mark their Rattle Jazz debut. The music is fresh and vibrant, composed and performed by four outstanding, highly disciplined artists who live and breathe jazz – and it shows.

Featuring Roger Manins (sax), Kevin Field (piano), Ron Samsom (drums) and Olivier Holland (bass), these guys are barkingly good! Bone appetite! Ruff ruff!


Jonathan Crayford marks his Rattle debut with the exceptional DARK LIGHT. Recorded at Systems Two in New York City by Mike Marciano, the album features Ben Street on bass and Dan Weiss on drums, two of the most remarkable (and highly in demand) of the new generation of New York jazz musicians.

The CD will be launched mid-year. Details to follow. Advance copies are now available exclusively from the Rattle website.

yeahyeahabsolutelynoway! is an Adelaide-­‐based jazz trio comprised of two guitars and drums. The group write and perform contemporary jazz that is firmly and affectionately rooted in 70's fusion. Their genre-­‐bending style brings together elements from the jazz tradition with tinges of rock and smatterings of ambient loveliness, weaving composition and improvisation in a unique and imaginative way, creating original music that can be both subtle and explosive.

The CD will be launched in Australia in May and in New Zealand in July. Details to follow. Advance copies are now available exclusively from the Rattle website.



New Music for Gamelan

Gamelan Padhang Moncar & Gamelan Taniwha Jaya

"Naga is a collection of outstandingly imaginative pieces, performed with impressive skill and panache by our two gamelan ensembles" says album producer Jack Body.

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Rob Thorne

Rob is touring Whaia te Maramatanga over the next few months.
Click here for details.

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What a stellar start to 2014 for Rattle. The five star soundtracks White Lies (John Psathas) and Beyond The Edge (David Long) have finally made it to CD, the Brad Dutz Quartet’s Peripheral Hearing is an unlikely ensemble combination that adds depth to the label’s extensive jazz catalogue and now ‘‘shaman’’ Rob Thorne adds his voice to a growing list of ethnomusicologists experimenting with the sounds of traditional Maori instruments.

Astonishing as they are these three spacious, beautifully textured, almost ritualistic pieces – Whaia Te Maramatanga, Whakawhiti and Pursue Enlightenment – have been created using only various wind and percussion instruments and the whirling purerehua. What Jorge Reyes did for Mexican culture with pre-Hispanic instruments, Thorne is doing for tangata whenua – calling up their ancestors.


Mike Alexander, Sunday Star Times, 5-stars


The latest post on Taran Singh's Free Jazz Hour features tracks from Trio (Roger Manins, Reuben Bradley & Mostyn Cole).
Check it out here.

  R E C E N T   R E L E A S E S
The Jac
Brad Dutz Quartet


Formed in late 2010, The Jac started out as a rehearsal band for students and tutors at the NZSM jazz school in Wellington, transcribing and performing charts by New York and San Francisco composers. Before long they began writing and performing their own music, and Nerve is the result, a suite of intelligent, dynamic compositions for jazz octet.
Read Gary Steel's album here.

Oboe and cello are rarely associated with jazz, a form that allows relatively more freedom than is usually found within classical forms. Consequently, no other group sounds quite like the Brad Dutz Quartet, which over four albums has created a body of music that is challenging, at times difficult, but always fun. Peripheral Hearing is no exception, a richly rewarding album of 21st-century music.


John Psathas
David Long


This new work from John Psathas (written for the film by Dana Rotberg) is a single 28-minute piece for piano, taonga puoro and strings featuring Emma Sayers and Richard Nunns. “John brought an exquisite emotional understanding not only of the film and its characters, but of the two cultural sources that feed our drama,” says Dana. “He was wise enough to allow the space of the Māori traditional sounds to tell their story, then hand over when it was needed to the Pākehā cultural territory of music, which he did with discretion, respect, and amazing talent.”

The music on Beyond the Edge was written for a new documentary feature by Leanne Pooley, a film that charts Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s 1953 ascent of Everest. David’s score is rich in texture and timbre, a skillful combination of instruments, including gongs, taonga puoro and feedback, with vivid orchestration by Ewan Clarke conducted by Hamish McKeich.


Nick Granville Group
Samsom Nacey Haines


Wellington-based guitarist/composer Nick Granville makes his Rattle debut with Refractions, a set of self-penned gems that give the Auckland dream-team of Roger Manins, Oli Holland and Rom Samsom ample scope to shine.

Singled out by music critics as one of the best jazz albums of 2013, Cross Now, the second Rattle release from Samsom Nacey Haines, is a strikingly original album from one of New Zealand's finest ensembles.


2 0 1 3   C R I T I C A L   H I G H L I G H T S  

Tim Hopkins

The Troubles

Giannouli & Chagas

Broadcast throughout Europe and the USA, Taran's Free Jazz Hour (hosted by jazz aficionado, Taran Singh) recently spotlighted three Rattle albums, Seven by Tim Hopkins, The Troubles by The Troubles, and Forest Stories by Tania Giannouli & Paulo Chagas. Taran seeks out new jazz from all corners of the world, and his show is popular with serious jazz enthusiasts. To listen to Taran's Free Jazz Hour, click here.




Lilburn, by celebrated New Zealand classical pianist Michael Houstoun, won the Best Classical Album Award at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards in November 2013. The material for the recording was carefully selected to showcase the best of Douglas Lilburn's piano music, resulting in a work of great depth and sophistication. Michael is playing at the very peak of his powers, and his approach to Lilburn shows great insight and maturity. Lilburn is an album to savour.

Throughout 2013, Chamber Music New Zealand's ReCycle Series featured acclaimed New Zealand pianist Michael Houstoun performing all thirty two of the Beethoven piano sonatas. The series was a resounding success, and at the end of each of the three performance cycles, Rattle and Michael recorded the sonatas while they were fully alive in his finger tips. The final sonata was recorded on December 23rd, and in the coming weeks Kenneth Young and Steve Garden will mix and compile a 14-CD boxed set of the complete series, due for release in mid 2014.




Two of the three finalists for Best Jazz Album in the forthcoming Tui New Zealand Jazz Awards are from the Rattle Jazz Series. Phil Broadhurst's Flaubert's Dance and Reuben Bradley's Mantis have had excellent critical reviews and responses from jazz fans, and we couldn't be happier that they have received this well deserved recognition. The Tui will be awarded at the Tauranga Jazz Festival in April.


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