Cross Now - MP3 album

Cross Now - MP3 album

Samsom Nacey Haines

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Ron Samsom (drums)
Dixon Nacey (guitar)
Kevin Haines (bass)

Cross Now is the second Rattle Jazz release from Auckland-based trio, Samsom Nacey Haines. The tracks on their previous album (Oxide, RAT-J-1004) were written by the individual members of the trio, but for this album the material was jointly composed. The result is a particularly coherent and focused work, with each piece contributing equally to a strikingly original and strong album from one of New Zealand's finest and widely acclaimed jazz ensembles.


You are welcome to join us for the launch of Cross Now this coming Monday May 13, 7pm, Studio One, Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland Street, Auckland. Entry is $15, or $10 for Rattle artists and registered users (your names will be on the door), students, 60+ seniors, beneficiaries, abd UOA staff, society members and Alumni (with ID). Entry is free for Friends of Rattle subscribers (your names will be on the door).


RAT-J-1016 (May, 2013)

Samsom Nacey Haines would like to thank the University of Auckland for its contribution to this project.

Produced by Ron Samsom, Dixon Nacey, Kevin Haines
Recorded and mixed by Neil Baldock at Roundhead Studio, January 2013
Mastered by Steve Garden at Garden Shed Studio, April 2013
Photography by Kevin Haines (cover) and Mark Casey (group shots)
Design by UnkleFranc


    Broken Tones  (4:54)   View Score
   Conversations with Dr. Small  (5:31)   View Score
   Cross Now  (3:36)   View Score
   Happy Dance  (4:51)   View Score
   Qua  (5:25)   View Score
   Seiko  (4:09)   View Score
   The Remarkable Mr. Hopkins  (7:09)   View Score
   Song For Xavier  (6:54)   View Score
   …with eyes averted...  (4:05)   View Score

All compositions by Samsom Nacey Haines © 2013

This album is dedicated to Mr. Antony Leonard Hopkins, a very special man who touched the
lives of many in a very unique and wonderful way. Thanks for the great memories, Tony.

Inspiration often comes unexpectedly for musicians. When Kevin Haines told me about the insistent cross/walk audio warning that kept waking him during a recent visit to Kanazawa, I thought it was funny how of all the wonderful memories that come from a journey, the ones that stand out most are completely unpredictable. 'Cross Now' is the directive (or cue) that tells us when it's possibly safe to enter the zone where most events happen: the intersection. When we create music together, ideas become the place or intersection where separate thoughts combine into a unified whole. One of most the important aspects of music making is the risk that it could all go terribly wrong. This is the edge that makes music feel alive and in the moment. The musical intersections we've created on this album serve as a place for ideas to collide, so please 'Cross Now' and enjoy the journey.
Ron Samsom

Cross Now – the moment of convergence, where individual thought streams into the matrix and maelstrom to create new synergies: collisions, reverberations, distillations, improvisations and interpretations. Sympathetic and contrasting ideas rebound and realign, rendering fresh pathways for yet newer ideas to follow and explore. The moment of convergence – Cross Now.
Dixon Nacey

Thank you Ron for your wonderful, innate sense of time and presence – the consummate musician; Dixon for your amazing playing and constant source of inspiration – long may it continue; Elaine for being the person I bounce all my ideas off (she tells me the truth); and my family: Nathan, Joel and Michal. Without knowing it you continually inspire our music.
Kevin Haines

Things you never see,
And the things you never say,
With eyes averted,
At that moment, you look away
Kevin & Nathan Haines