Our Own Sweet Way

Our Own Sweet Way

Crayford | Sellers | Dyne

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Jonathan Crayford (piano) 
Roger Sellers (drums)
Paul Dyne (bass)

Our Own Sweet Way features the considerable improvisational and swinging talent of Wellington-based jazz luminaries, Jonathan Crayford, Roger Sellers and Paul Dyne. The trio's enthusiasm for classic jazz of the 50s and 60s is palpable. They know these tunes intimately, and their love for the music is infectious.

Our Own Sweet Way will appeal to listeners with an appreciation for classic jazz piano trio music.


IA-1003 (November, 2012)

Recording: Richard Caigou
Production: Jonathan Crayford, Roger Sellers, Paul Dyne 

   Enronel  (Thelonious Monk)  6:45 
   In Your Own Sweet Way  (Dave Brubeck)  9:10 
   Memories of You  (Razaf & Blake)  6:55  
   Woody 'n' You  (Dizzy Gillespie)  7:44 
   Fall  (Wayne Shorter)  5:43 
   Conception  (George Shearing)  8:14 
   Beshma Swing  (Thelonious Monk)  7:29 
   Things Ain't What They Used To Be  (Duke Ellington)  5:49 
   Nica's Dream  (Horace Silver)  8:01 
   Beatrice  (Sam Rivers)  9:04





Review by Simon Sweetman, Off the Tracks

I admire Rattle’s commitment to great music and to beautiful packaging. The CD might be dead but for those still whispering long live the CD Rattle provide some hope, some belief in the product/artefact.

Jonathan Crayford (piano), Roger Sellers (drums) and Paul Dyne (bass) are three of New Zealand’s greatest jazzers; world-class players all three. You can hear them in a variety of contexts too – Crayford is a restless musical spirit, engaging in funk and other vestiges of jazz, working on other instruments also. Sellers and Dyne work together often as a subtle, inspiring rhythm section, caressing tunes, respecting tunes – their knowledge encyclopaedic, their experience vast (near enough to daunting).

And as a trio Crayford Sellers Dyne provide two important functions: the preservation and experimentation (simultaneously) of some great jazz tunes (standards and should-be-standards). But for me the most important aspect of this trio’s work is hearing Crayford playing piano again. Playing it straight, if you like…

I’ve enjoyed his work in other roles but he is a gifted pianist – our jazz-version of Michael Houstoun, as distinct and idiosyncratic as Mike Nock – Crayford can touch on the styles of many of the greats (Monk, Brubeck, Shearing) and he does that on this album but he imbues these versions of the great pieces with his own style, his own touch.

Crucial to that – to allowing Crayford the space and providing the support, Sellers and Dyne are flawless.