Dave Lisik

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Dave Lisik (composer)
Bob Sheppard (tenor saxophone)
Alex Sipiagin (trumpet)

The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra:
Carl Morgan (guitar)
Hugh Barrett (piano)
Brendan Clarke (contrabass)
Jamie Cameron (drums & cymbals)
Phil South (percussion)
Darryl Pratt (vibraphone)
David Theak (alto saxophone))
Murray Jackson (alto saxophone)
Matt Keegan (tenor saxophone)
Richard Maegraith (tenor saxophone)
Nick Bowd (baritone saxophone)
Darryl Carthew (lead trumpet)

Angus Gomm (trumpet)

Andy Fiddes (trumpet)

Simon Ferenci (trumpet)

Dave Panichi (trombone)
Ben Gurton (trombone)
James Kennedy (trombone)

Justin Kearin (bass trombone)

Under the artistic direction of Conservatorium Staff member, David Theak, the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra commissioned Canadian composer Dr. David Lisik to write an extended composition for jazz orchestra, featuring US jazz luminaries Alex Sipiagin (trumpet) and Bob Sheppard (saxophone). Walkabout was inspired by the James Vance Marshall novel, The Children. The ten movements of Walkabout form a unified suite that follows the original storyline yet work well as individual pieces, from the dramatic opening track (which establishes the core themes of the work) through to the complex but coherent closing piece, the rhythmically hypnotic, Ritual Dance

Dave Lisik 
Canadian composer and trumpeter, Dr Dave Lisik is Lecturer in Jazz Composition, Arranging and Theory at the New Zealand School of Music. Dave's diverse portfolio of compositions and arrangements includes 400+ works for jazz, classical and electronic groups of all types. His Dave Lisik Orchestra released a debut CD in 2010 entitled Coming Through Slaughter, featuring Tim Hagans, Donny McCaslin, Luis Bonilla and Matt Wilson. The Orchestra has two new projects underway, Origin of Species and Metropolis, both planned for release in 2013.

Bob Sheppard
A household name for saxophonists worldwide, Bob Sheppard has done it all. Superstar names such as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Perter Erskine, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and many, many, many legends pack his world-class resume. Splitting his time between Los Angeles, and New York, Bob's forged working relationships with the best musicians on both coasts and has appeared on several grammy award winning CD's most recently with Joni Mitchell.

Alex Sipiagin
Russian born, New York based trumpeter, Alex Sipiagin has a reputation as the leading post-bop jazz trumpet player in the world through his work with Dave Holland Big Band, Dave Holland Quintet and the Mingus Big Band. As a soloist, Sipiagin has released 11 recordings under his name, mostly with Criss Cross Jazz including his latest release "Destinations unnown", and has toured extensively throughout Europe, Japan and Russia as a bandleader and sideman.

The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra
The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra is widely acknowledged as Australia's leading jazz orchestra and was nominated as Australian Jazz Ensemble of the Year in 2006, 2007 & 2009. Musically this ensemble represents many of the finest youngimprovisers Australia has to offer, and features original music from Sydney's most dynamic and creative large ensemble composers all packaged into one exciting super-ensemble. Individually, the orchestra's members have dominated Australia's top prizes over the last decade.


RAT-J-1013 (December, 2012)

This project was made possible with funding from Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand School of Music

Produced by Dave Lisik and David Theak
Recorded by Stuart Long at Studio 301, Sydney
Edited and mixed by Dave Lisik
Mastered by Steve Garden at the Garden Shed 
Design by UnkleFranc

  Dave Lisik & the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra 

    Walkabout  (9:31)  "A Place for Visions"
    The Children  (8:32)  "Tomorrow Was Also a Day"
    Random Fireflies  (5:46)  "Their Nightlights Flickering Like Sparklets"
    Worumgala, Worum Mwa  (5:34)  "Where Do You Come From? Where Are You Going?"
    Intro to Ebony & Moonlight  (2:58)
    Ebony & Moonlight  (4:36)  "Hour After Hour He Stood There, a Shadow Carved"
    Walking Alone  (5:41)  "The Proving of Manhood in His Tribal Timetable"
    The Medicine Man  (6:39)  "Those Whom the Spirit Wants, He Takes"
    Intro to Ritual Dance  (1:21)
    Ritual Dance  (6:45)  "Harness the Elements, the Fire Was Made"

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