Gillian Whitehead


Tungia Baker (voice) 
Richard Nunns (taonga pūoro) 
Judy Bailey (piano) 
Georg Pedersen (cello)

Ipu is a poetic tale of love based on a story by Tungia Baker (translated into Maori by Wena Tait). Literally, an ipu is a gourd used to carry food and goods. Accordingly, ipu korero denotes a storyteller, someone who 'carries' stories. The ipu is employed on Gillian's album as a musical instrument. From this vessel flows the musical threads of two cultures, Maori and Pakeha.

In 2001, New Zealand filmmaker Gaylene Preston interviewed Gillian. To read the extensive and thoroughly absorbing results, click here


RAT-D007 (May, 1998)

Production: Gillian Whitehead, Steve Garden
Recording: Steve Garden
Design: UnkleFranc