Besser & Bravura

Jonathan Besser (piano)

Miranda Adams (violin)

Tatiana Lanchtchikova (accordian)

Nigel Gavin (guitar)

Peter Scott (bass)

Performing together since 1999, BRAVURA has appeared at the NZ International Arts Festival, Taranaki Arts Festival, and WOMAD. They have toured New Zealand three times. Their Tango recordings have been featured by the Royal NZ Ballet and the Touch Compass Dance Company. BRAVURA is regularly broadcast on Radio NZ Concert. 

Jonathan Besser

Born in New York City, Jonathan has been resident in New Zealand for 30 years. He has composed for orchestras, chamber groups and dance companies, and has been directing his own ensembles since the mid 80s. His impressive array of CDs include: Mr. Darwin’s Dances (2000), You Got Your Wish (2002), and Two Islands (2004). He collaborated with Waihirere Kapa Haka group in Mary Jane O'Reilly's Te Rangi Marie Millennium dawn event, and was a finalist in the NZ Symphony Orchestra Music 2000 Prize and the 2006 Douglas Lilburn Prize. For more information, visit 

Miranda Adams 

Miranda is Assistant Concertmaster for the Auckland Philharmonia. She regularly records for Radio NZ Concert and is expert in many kinds of musical performance, from Gamelan to electric fuzz violin. Creating an unusual instrumental combination, Miranda has joined with Tatiana Lanchtchikov on accordion to form the distinctive and energetic duo Vivo. Here they perform the seductive music of tango, renaissance, classical, romantic, russian and gypsy folk tunes and baroque music. For more information, visit

Tatiana Lanchtchikova 

Recent arrival to New Zealand from Siberia, Tatiana is an exciting and intense musician, who is already in big demand in Auckland, performing in her own tango band and with composer Don McGlashan. Both Tatiana and Miranda have a background in jazz and improvisational music. The duo has released a CD, Jealousy - Tango Music with Evgueni Lanchtchikov, and was selected to perform at the NZ International Arts Festival in 2004. They have also toured for Chamber Music NZ in March 2005 and with Arts on Tour in 2006. 

Nigel Gavin 

Nigel Gavin is one of the most innovative guitarists in working in New Zealand today. He approaches his instrument with a perpetually boundary pushing attitude, always searching for new ways to wring new and exhilarating sounds from his six-stringed 'gitbox'. He has performed internationally with the likes of Robert Fripp, the Jews Brothers and the Nairobi Trio, and was the founding influence of GITBOX REBELLION in 1991. His 2004 solo guitar album Thrum received well-deserved critical acclaim, and the long-awaited follow-up album Visitation was released in November 2006 to equally favourable reviews. For more information, visit

Peter Scott 
Has played bass with every leading jazz group in Auckland. In England, he was bass player for the 80’s group Madness. He has frequently recorded with Greg Johnson and performs regularly with the Jews Brothers, French Toast and Bravura. For more information, visit