GITBOX REBELLION was founded by one of New Zealand's most innovative guitarists: Nigel Gavin has an impressive international pedigree, and under his guidance the group quickly developed a repertoire of ambitious extended pieces. In order to defy the bounds of generic convention, GITBOX acquired an extensive array of ‘musical weapons’ - many of their techniques are more often associated with classical or jazz, or devices more often associated with regional World Music such as Latin or African.

GITBOX is a Pidgin expression for the steel-string acoustic guitar. Against this is set the idea of REBELLION, particularly against the orthodoxy that continues to prevail in the blues, jazz and rock traditions. The acoustic guitar is arguably the most popular instrument in the world. Its sound appeals to a wide range of listening tastes, which enables it to easily seduce audiences into exploring musical possibilities that might otherwise be alienating if performed on other instruments.

Their debut album, Pesky Digits, features a nine piece performing unit solely comprised of acoustic guitars. The album features a unique blend of music influences as diverse as Contemporary Classical, African High-Life, Latin, Rock, Jazz, Conceptualism and Minimalism. The repertoire is challenging but never inaccessible, and as such provides a range of possibilities for acoustic guitar that transcends convention. It is a beautiful, colourful, and engaging work, full of exuberance, passion, invention, and an unbridled enthusiasm for musical expression.

Pesky Digits was followed by the more intimate Touchwood. This album has a tighter core group of players, but it extends the sonic palette of GITBOX to included guest collaborators on Sitar, Cello, Sheng and Percussion. The music found on both of these CDs is immensely appealing, full of joy and colour, and with an attractive exuberance that affirms and inspires. 

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