Another Time Another Place

Another Time Another Place

David Friesen




David Friesen (bass)
Reuben Bradley (drums)
Dixon Nacey (guitar)


At the end of their New Zealand tour in late 2015, David Friesen, Reuben Bradley, and Dixon Nacey recorded this excellent set of original Friesen compositions in front of an enthusiastic audience at Auckland's CJC jazz club. Rattle was there to capture it, and we are pleased to announce that the album will be released in October to coincide with David's 2017 tour of New Zealand.




RAT-J-1036 (October, 2017)

Produced by David Friesen 
Recorded and mixed by Steve Garden
Mastered by Dana White at Specialized Mastering, Portland, Oregon USA
Design by Carolyn van Hoeve of UnkleFranc
Paintings by David Friesen
Printing by Dave Trotter of Studio Q, Auckland

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Blue 10 (4:27)
02  Sailing (4:12)
03  Right From Wrong (5:52)
04  Playground (6:11)
05  Another Time, Another Place (7:23)
06  Turn in the Road (5:04)
07  Basic Strategy (7:47)
08  Green Hills Slowly Passing By (5:46)
09  Counterpoint (8:04)
10  Zebra (4:27)
11  Tribute (10:40)


All music composed and arranged by David Friesen, published by Color Pool Music B.M.I/Bug Music-BMG Chrysalis © 2015

David Friesen plays a Hemage bass, designed and made by Hermann Erlacher, Hall in Tirol Austria
Bass Strings courtesy of Thomastik-Infeld, Wien, Austria
Bass Pickup courtesy of Don Underwood
Bass Speaker courtesy of FOHHN/Nurtingen, Germany
Bass Amplifier courtesy of ACOUSTIC IMAGE


liner notes

Rare are those who can be good leaders and team players at once. It requires vision and a sense of proportion. David Friesen has both, as well as a technique possessed of supple muscularity. That he has a keen ear and responds to what his fellow musicians are doing is also key to what makes this music so vital and engaging.
Recorded live in Auckland’s most adventurous jazz performance space at the culmination of a tour, this music fulminates, crackles, sizzles, simmers or glows, gracefully, as each moment calls for in turn. All three men get plenty of honest work out of one another. More often than finishing each other’s sentences, they extend the conversation, taking Friesen’s compositions further into more exploratory territory. It is a joy to behold the process unfolding.
You more likely know Friesen from the breadth - and depth - of his 75+ album career as a leader than you would either guitarist Dixon Nacey or drummer Reuben Bradley, New Zealanders both. They are younger, but hardly wet behind the ears, having earnestly earned distinction on the leading edge of a vibrant musical community.
Before working with Friesen, Nacey was already known as part of the award-winning Samsom-Nacey-Haines trio and through his variety of online lessons, as well as teaching at the university level. He also leads the John Scofield Project, and his playing here delightfully proves why he is the right guy to lead such an endeavor: Sco is an inspiration without being a limitation, and that may be the sincerest form of flattery.
One of Bradley’s several solo CDs was named album-of-the-year in 2011, and Graham Reid, dean of Kiwi jazz writers, has described his playing as “geometric drumming which shape-shift rhythms,” a useful ability when navigating waters such as these. He augmented his jazz performance degree studying with Barry Altschul in New York City, further burgeoning an informed and healthy sense of adventure.
Nacey characterizes Friesen’s tunes as “uncommon, angular, and unusual but always beautiful,” going on to say “touring with him gave me insight into how one can lead without saying a word, conduct with body language, coax out even more intensity and energy with just a smile or a glance. I was both humbled by, and proud of, what we put together night after night.”
As Bradley put it: “Playing with David is a real treat; not only does he bring a wealth of experience to the music but more importantly he brings a strong, vibrant personality that is evident in his playing and his composing. The music demands a high level of commitment, but the payback is that you are able to traverse its depths more completely and communally.”
Or as the bandleader himself said: “I felt the three of us gave up certain aspects of our own individual playing characteristics to accommodate the greater value of the trio’s unity.” Indeed.
Could be I’m connecting dots that don’t, but this sure sounds like three sides of the same coin, in a currency far more dear than mere money. It is the truth.

Patrick Hinely, Work/Play®
Lexington, Virginia, USA, February 2017







The release of this album recorded live in Auckland in late 2015 could not be more timely because American bassist Friesen is about to tour again (dates below) with guitarist Dixon Nacey and drummer Reuben Bradley who are on hand here.
Friesen is a Major Player in the US jazz scene, has a list of album credits under his own name as long as your outstretched arms, and has played on sessions with Chick Corea, Dexter Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Garrett, Paul Horn, Mal Waldron, Sam Rivers, Joe Henderson . . .
At 75, he has played with key jazz musicians across about five decades of different style, but on this date with musicians half his age he certainly doesn't sound like he is coasting into an easy retirement.
And both Bradley and Nacey ensure that he couldn't because this is very much a trio of equals.
Start with the hypnotic Basic Strategy which is a truly haunting piece of almost eight minutes which starts very seductively with a simple guitar line by Nacey behind which Bradley lays out brisk tempo and Friesen hits a repeated figure which takes over to lay down a menacing and almost funky stake in the ground. And then, through solo passages and changing dynamics it swells and retreats, leans left as Nacey and Friesen play off each other in buzzing rock-like repetition, slinks down low with a Friesen solo which descends into being almost inaudible then everything comes back into the foreground with Bradley's vigorous control in his solo.
It is an absolute and compelling highlight in a set which delivers them aplenty.
There is a brisk bounce in the step of the opener Blue 10, elsewhere this breathes a breezy warmth (the fluid Sailing) but also astringency (the closing overs of the 10 minute Tribute when Nacey's guitar veers into abrasive prog-rock territory) and a slinking, bluesy exoticism (Counterpart).
This is jazz of shifting moods which only the most accomplished and intuitive of players can pull off, as they do consistently across this 70 minute set of Friesen original compositions.
Certainly a superb and convincing calling card for the forthcoming tour . . . and a further reminder that Friesen wouldn't play with these local musicians if they weren't world class.
But we knew they were already, right?
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