The Cut

The Cut

Alexis French

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Alexis French (trumpet)
David Bellemare (tenor saxophone)
Nicolas Ferron (guitar)
Nicolas Bedard (bass)
Mark Nelson (drums)

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RAT-J-1022 (June, 2014)

Produced by Alexis French
Recorded by Kevin Fallis and Brandon Wells at McGill University MMR and Studio A
Additional recording by Rob Fernandes and Alan Joosoo Han
Mixed and mastered by Steve Garden at the Garden Shed, Auckland
Photography by Charley Wilmart
Design by UnkleFranc

  The Cut
  Alexis French

    The Schroon (5:14)
    Metro (10:36)
    Parc La Fontaine Blues and Greens (9:38)
    Aylmer (8:19)
    The Second Fall (6:22)
    The Cut (7:04)
    Up (5:38)
    Shakshuka (7:46)

All compositions © Alexis French 2014