James Brown (guitars and effects)
Sam Cagney (guitars and effects)
Stephen Neville (drums and cymbals)

yeahyeahabsolutelynoway! is an Adelaide-based jazz trio comprised of two guitars and drums. The group write and perform contemporary jazz that is firmly and affectionately rooted in 70's fusion. Their genre-bending style brings together elements from the jazz tradition with tinges of rock and smatterings of ambient loveliness, weaving composition and improvisation in a unique and imaginative way, creating original music that can be both subtle and explosive.

Each member of the band has carved a niche for themselves in the Adelaide music scene, performing in a variety of ensembles and creative projects. Their mutual musical connection comes through a shared passion for creating distinctive original music; music that draws on their collective knowledge of the jazz tradition together with their desire to push the boundaries of the genre. Cagney and Brown began their musical affiliation on the Creative Original Music Adelaide (COMA) committee in 2010, where they are both currently serving as COMA’s Artistic Directors. The two guitarists have much in common, sharing many influences and musical interests, yet both have an individual writing and playing style which is complimented by Neville’s distinctive energy and textural approach to the drums.

The group make their Rattle debut with UM.., an album brimming with invention, energy, and the sheer love of music, and they're rightly proud of the fact that this analogue recording was performed live in the studio without a single overdub or edit. This is music played from the heart and the soul, real music in age where technology effortlessly and frequently blurs the lines between true artistry and ... to put it nicely ... aspiration.


RAT-J-1021 (July, 2014)

Produced by yeahyeahabsolutelynoway! 
Recorded live to tape (with no edits or overdubs) and mixed by Richard Belkner at Free Energy Device, September 30th to October 3rd, 2013
Mastered by Michael Lynch at Shoehorse Sound
Design by UnkleFranc


    Howl (3:56)
    Why Sleep? (4:55)
    Ouff (4:47)
    Void (7:06)
    On Your Marx, Get Set! (6:14)
    Shetland Dream 1863 (7:21)
    A Perfect Day for Bananafish (3:57)
    (Believe in the) Monocause (4:35)
    Look At You (6:02)
    Requiem for David (3:30)
    Down Home (6:31)

Tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 10 © Sam Cagney, 2013
Tracks 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 © James Brown, 2013
Track 3 © Stephen Neville, 2013



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