Songs for Heroes

Songs for Heroes

From Scratch




Phil Dadson  
Neville Hall  
James McCarthy 
Walter Muller 

The instruments:
zitherum, PVC pipes & drum station, soprano saxophone, vocals, handclapping, piano-horn, piano horn, tone trees, bass drum

Looking and sounding better than ever, Songs for Heroes has been remastered, repackaged and reissued to celebrate Rattle's first 20-years as NZ’s pre-eminent art-music label. One of the most successful of all FROM SCRATCH recordings, the instruments have great presence and weight, and the passion and commitment in the music is palpable.

"Remember to remember to remember to remember Heroes who tamed tigers"

"There's an old saying that 'once on the tiger's back, there is no getting off'. Good Listening."
- Phil Dadson




RAT-D002 (October, 1991)

Music and Lyrics: Phil Dadson
Production: Phil Dadson, Steve Garden
Recording: Steve Garden, Tim Gummer

Design and Finished Art: Bret de Thier
Photography: Haru Sameshima, John Lyall

Recorded at Auckland University School of Music Auditorium & Progressive Music Studio

Songs for Heroes  (a continuous piece of music in eight sections) 

   1   Zitherum drones  (2:47)
   2   Pipes & drum stations, & soprano saxophone  (11:16)
   3   Vocals & hand clapping  (5:58)
   4   Tone-trees, tuned drums & hand clapping  (0:56)
   5   Vocals, piano-horns, percussion & saxophone  (6:25)
   6   Pipes & bass drums & hand clapping  (8:08)
   7   Soprano saxophone, Pipes & hand-clapping  (3:29)
   8   Zitherum drone, voice harmonics, & hand-clapping  (5:47)




p&c Rattle Records 1991



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