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Christopher de Groot is a musician that straddles the film/theatre world with that of the avant-garde. De Groot incorporates his interest in new music, electronics, recording techniques, sound-design and cult soundtracks into his composition practice, resulting in music that is at times fragile and delicate and at others visceral and shocking. De Groot is an eclectic artist having worked in a number of different practices from film and theatre composition to free improvisation, sound art and most recently musical sculpture.

De Groot’s unorthodox film music has gained attention in Australia for its genre bending approach and its use of unconventional instrumentation and live musicians. In 2014 De Groot’s score for low budget Australian feature film Sororal was nominated for APRA Feature Film Score of The Year alongside David Hirschfelder’s The Railway Man (staring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth) and Christopher Gordon’s Adoration (staring Robin Write and Naomi Watts). De Groot regards this nomination as a win for low budget film music that favours daring originality over tired Hollywood film music conventions. Sororal has been labelled by Mikael Carlsson of Movie Score Media “some of the most refreshing and eclectic horror music to be heard in a contemporary film.” Wolf Creek script writer Aaron Stearns is also a fan calling it “haunting, eerie and yet discordantly beautiful… histrionic and yet assured and gripping.”

De Groot obtained a Masters degree in composition from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) where he studied for 10 years [2001 - 2011]. He has worked as composer and sound designer on several theatre shows including Duck Death & The Tulip [2013, Barking Gecko, Perth International Arts Festival], Thérèse Raquin [2014, Theatre Works], Persona [2014, MUST Container Festival], Dream Home [2015, Darebin Arts Speakeasy, winner of Best Sound/Music Green Room Awards], The River [2016, Red Stitch] and Nought Point Five Above Zero No Wind [2016, La Mama]. De Groot has also been commissioned to compose works for several Australian musicians and ensembles, (most notably Decibel Ensemble and the Melbourne Piano Trio) and performs regularly as a free music improviser. He has released several albums of theatre music through the online label The Mind Is Listening.

In addition to de Groot’s varied compositional pursuits he is music director for Melbourne’s only exotica band Slide Night. Slide Night feature on de Groot’s soundtrack for Australian feature film The Burning Kiss, which he fashioned into his debut released for Rattle, Sailing Ships & Tarot Cards, a melting pot of 1960s exotica, Delia Derbyshire inspired sci-fi music, classic Bernard Herrmann, and a pinch of John Zorn – Tropical noir-nightmare!


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"Sailing Ships & Tarot Cards is an acid soaked moonlit cruise that guides the listener along an exotic coastline of sounds that are romantic, disturbing, mysterious and always exciting. De Groot’s score perfectly captures the mood and emotion I was trying to convey dramatically.
Robbie Studsor, Director of The Burning Kiss




Sailing Ships & Tarot Cards

Christopher de Groot