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Dog is an Auckland quartet featuring four of New Zealand's most renowned jazz musicians/composers.
Dog is their Rattle Jazz debut.


Kevin Field, piano



Kevin Field started his musical career with classical piano lessons at age 8.  At 17, he discovered jazz. This life-changing experience was the start of an unquenchable passion for the music. Kevin taught himself jazz concepts and harmony, and to this day has never had a jazz lesson. Consequently, his musical development has been uniquely individualistic, and he is widely considered one of the most original and exciting musicians of his generation.

Kevin’s approach to jazz harmony lends a distinctive character to his writing and performances. “Since I was young,” said Kevin, “harmony in music has always moved me the most. I’m fascinated by the emotional potential of chords and chord sequences.”  Kevin’s first release, Dangerous Curves showcases his innovative approach to harmony, and in all of his subsequent recordings he has developed these ideas further.


Ron Samsom, drums



Ron Samsom is a leading musician and educator in the field of contemporary jazz. Among numerous award-winning achievements, he has featured on more than twenty recordings, earning an impressive, high-regarded international reputation in jazz performance. Ron’s unique approach to drums has been in demand by many prominent musicians, and he recently featured with legendary tabla guru Fazal Qureshi, pianist Jim McNeely, and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.


Olivier Holland, bass



Starting his career in 1989, bassist Olivier Holland has performed at major festivals and venues with an impressive array of some of the finest Jazz artists in New Zealand and Europe, notably Joscho Stephan, Danny Weiss, Djamel Laroussi, Nathan Haines, Whirimako Black, Stefon Harris and Florian Ross. He has contributed to a number of CD releases, including Joscho Stephan’s Swing News; the Krakau State Philharmonic Orchestra’s Classic meets Jazz; Carolina Moon’s East of the Sun; Julie Mason and the Jazz Divas; Zauberberg III, and Whirimako Black’s Sings.

In 2010 Olivier released Duets, an album that showcases his skills as a composer, arranger and soloist. Each piece features a duet with a superb range of musicians, from saxophonist Nathan Haines and pianist Kevin Field, to drummer Ron Samsom, bassist John Goldsby, and guitarists Joscho Stephan and Dixon Nacy. He currently lectures in Jazz at Auckland University and performs regularly with Whirimako Black, Caitlin Smith, Nathan Haines, and numerous top ensembles.


Roger Manins, sax



Regarded as an "outstandingly gifted and passionate musician with remarkable instrumental ability and total musical integrity”, few would disagree that Roger Manins is a blistering force among a new generation of highly talented jazz musicians. He plays with a virtuosic, New York-inspired sensibility forged in a depth of tradition and tempered by an openness to change. His music speaks with a tenderness and authority that will appeal to generations of jazz lovers.



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