Brad Dutz
Brad Dutz

Since 1985, Brad Dutz has released more than two-dozen albums as an ensemble leader and composer, 15 of which are entirely self-penned. In addition, he has composed music for dance, theatre, television and cinema, including silent films.

Brad has written extensively for instrumental settings of various sizes and combinations, from soloists to nonets. He is a key contributor to numerous ensembles, including The Other Three (a trio with Kim Richmond and John Fumo), Obliteration Quartet (found objects for percussionists), Polarity Taskmasters (keyboards, voice, theremin, percussion), and duets with reed player, Vinny Golia.

In 1995 he featured on a four-set video (since reissued on DVD) called Have Fun Playing Hand Drums, an introduction to the fundamentals of hand percussion. In 2002 his Obliteration Quartet was the subject of a documentary film.

Over a four-year period, Brad wrote a monthly column for Drum Magazine on hand percussion. He has also published three books of his compositions: Manipulations In Sound And Time; Music for Hand Percussion; and Percussion Pieces For Duos, Trios and Quartets.

As a much sought after percussionist, Brad’s large collection of unusual instruments enables him to create unique textures. He has worked with an impressive array of artists, from Alanis Morrisette and Rickie Lee Jones to Willie Nelson, Mitch Forman, David Benoit, and Kiss, and on a host of well-known films and television programmes.

The Brad Dutz Quartet is a unique ensemble featuring mallet percussion, oboe, cello, and bass clarinet. Peripheral Hearing, their fourth album, marks their Rattle debut. Their previous album, Fashionably Impaired, was released in 2012.

Brad’s endorsements include Paiste, Vic Firth, Yamaha, Remo, and Roland.


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