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Nick Granville

Wellington-based composer/musician Nick Granville possesses an impressive palette of diverse sounds across a wide range of styles. As a professional musician for many years, he as recorded and performed with a vast array of artists in many parts of the world. Nick prominently leads his own ensembles, and has released a number of critically acclaimed albums, such as Wishful Thinking (2008) and Round the Bend (2010). Refractions is Nick's debut release on Rattle, a quartet recording inspired by the work of American jazz guitarist, John Scofield. The album features Auckland jazz luminaries Roger Manins (sax), Oli Holland (bass) and Ron Samsom (drums), all of whom will be familiar to followers of the Rattle Jazz Series.

A passionate educator, Nick has taught jazz guitar, big band rhythm sections classes, sight-reading and fusion classes in a number of academies and workshops, and developed the guitar curriculum for the New Zealand School of Music.

Nick Granville proudly endorses Elixir Strings, Cusack Pedals, Lollar pickups, and products from the good folk at Musicworks.



Nick Granville is one of the most versatile guitar players I have had the opportunity to work with.’
Steve Houghton, jazz drummer and educator

Through the years, I have had the pleasure to play and teach alongside Nick. In that time he has always demonstrated the highest of skill and dedication to music. His playing is both versatile and personal, and he is well versed in myriad styles.’
Bruce Forman, jazz guitarist

I had the pleasure of hearing and working with Nick Granville in a concert series of my big band charts with the WJO a couple of years ago. Not only did he read the parts with ease, but he added his own musicality to them and his improvised solos were beautifully constructed and melodic.’
Alan Broadbent (MNZM), jazz pianist and composer



The trio’s sound has drawn comparisons to American great John Scofield and I can see where that comes from with Granville’s sharp sounding mastery of his instrument.’
Michael Flynn, New Zealand Musician magazine

The Nick Granville Group are adept at creating harmonies that climax and release in unison. The wavy shapes of their compositions have a vanguard edge, and their dreamy soundscapes give jazz a heavenly feel. For a debut outing, Wishful Thinking is fit to impress veteran jazz artists.’
Susan Francis, jazzreview.com





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