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Jonathan Crayford
Jonathan Crayford

Born in New Zealand in 1964, Jonathan Crayford began playing piano at the age of 3. At 18 he was composing music for feature films, several of which received industry awards. Jonathan's work spans many genres and disciplines, and he regularly performs and records with artists in all corners of the world. He currently lives in Paris, developing a film/music project about mathematician Évariste Galois.

Of his other work, paintings of numbers were exhibited at Suite Gallery in NZ 2009, his short film The Girl from Sweden and a Maori from Dunedin won an award. His photographs on the subject of Galois are currently exhibited at le Mairie de Bourg-la-Reine in Paris.

In 2012 he featured on the Independent Artists release, Our Own Sweet Way, a selection of perennial jazz standards with legendary Wellington rhythm section, Paul Dyne (bass) and Roger Sellers (drum). His Rattle Jazz debut, Dark Light, was recorded in New York with two of the most highly regarded of the current generation of New York jazz rhythm sections, Ben Street (bass) and Dan Weiss (drums). Very modern in concept and execution, Dark Light is an exceptionally strong and mature work.


As bandleader

Dark Light - trio w/ Ben Street and Dan Weiss
Our Own Sweet Way - trio w/ Paul Dyne and Roger Sellers
Donde la Luz y el Agua se Juntan - 4tet live, w/ Dave Binney, Max Stowers, Chris O'Connor
BigFoot - ensemble w/ Riki Gooch, Ema Paki, Lisa Tomlins, strings
Jazz at the St James - 4tet w/ Bruno Lawrence, Bernie McGann, Larry Gales
Jonathan Crayford plays Terry Crayford - trio w/ Pat O'Leary, Clifford Barboro
Duel Pianos - co led with Terry Crayford - piano duets
Decision - trio w/ Patrick Bleakley, Chris O'connore
Jonathan Crayford plays Monk!
- solo piano


As sideman

Central Park Rhumba - Eddie Bobé
Mambo Macoco - w/ Jay Collins, Donald Nicks, Eddie Bobé, Jose Deleon, Gene Golden, Chris Albert
Bill Ware Y2K Quartet - Bill Ware, Brad Jones, Victor Jones
Dance of the Drunken Master - Groove Collective
Soul Bossa Trio - w/ Groove Collective
Madrugada - Alda Rezende
Traveler - Alda Rezende
Trinity Roots - True
Cornerstone Roots - various
Recloose - various
Olmecha Supreme - various

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