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Phil Broadhurst

Phil Broadhurst


Phil Broadhurst is one of New Zealand’s most renowned jazz pianists and composers. country. He teaches jazz performance, piano, composition and history at The New Zealand School of Music, and runs the jazz department at the Albany campus. Phil is active as a professional jazz pianist and composer, and writes and presents The Art of Jazz on Concert FM. In 2001 he became the first jazz musician to be awarded the MNZM for services to jazz.

Phil is a three-times winner of the Jazz Record of the Year Award and has played in concert with many jazz greats, including Johnny Griffin, Ronnie Scott and Scott Hamilton. In 2002 he composed and performed a jazz suite to commemorate Massey University’s 75th anniversary. This was released as part of a new CD in 2003, The Road Ahead.

Delayed Reaction (IA1001) was Phil’s first release in seven years. It was also the inaugural release of our sub-label, Independent Artists. The album was inspired by (and is a tribute to) the life and work of French jazz luminary, Michel Petrucciani (whose compositions feature on the album). Phil studied the life and work of Petrucciani for his Masters thesis, and the new album is natural outgrowth of this work. It features five Petrucciani compositions (which were given new treatments by Phil’s quartet), and five new pieces written by Phil that were inspired one way or another by the French jazz legend. The album was a finalist in the Best Jazz Album category of the NZ Music Awards. 

“Phil’s Delayed Reaction is the deepest, most sincere, most meaningful form of tribute that one musician can pay another. Petrucciani’s life-affirming spirit is unmistakably present here. But most of all what is here is Phil’s personal understanding of Petrucciani’s music and new directions derived from it” – Thomas Conrad, Jazz Times

Flaubert's Dance is a continuatuion of the work started with Delayed Reaction. Where the early album is a tribute to Michel Petrucciani, Flaubert's Dance reflects the influence of a number of jazz luminaries. The title track pays homage to Enrico Pieranunzi, First Shot updates the rhythmic feel of Herbie Hancock’s Toys (from Speak Like a Child), Integrity and Scoreless reflects Phil’s enthusiasm for the ECM label and the music of Katché and Stanko, Stretched by the joyful music of Elias, while Loping was written with a number of musicians and composers in mind.

Despite his many achievements, Broadhurst is not content to rest on his laurels, which is perhaps the key to his continued growth as a musician. [His music is] a testament to the global language of jazz, which crosses international boundaries with enviable ease.” – Florence Wetzel, All About Jazz

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