Samsom Nacey Haines
Samsom Nacey Haines

Ron Samsom, Dixon Nacey and Kevin Haines started as gigging band, but the guys were soon excited by the common language they shared and quickly began composing together. Their first album, Open to Suggestion (2009) was a successful mix of original compositions and carefully selected standards, but with their Rattle debut, Oxide (2011), the music was entirely original. The quality of the writing is superb, as are the performances, aided in no small way by the excellent choice of guests: Joel Haines (guitar), Chris Melville (vocals), Roger Manins (sax), Neville Grenfell (flugelhorn), and Kevin Field (piano).



Ron Samsom

Ron is a leading musician and educator in the field of contemporary jazz. Among numerous award-winning achievements, he has featured on more than twenty recordings, earning an impressive, highly-regarded international reputation in jazz performance. Ron’s unique approach to drums has been in demand by many prominent musicians, and he recently featured with legendary tabla guru Fazal Qureshi, Grammy award-winning pianist Jim McNeely, and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. He is also a member of the FSH Trio, whose debut album Irony was the inauguaral release of the Rattle Jazz Series in November, 2009.

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Dixon Nacey

Dixon is one of New Zealand's finest and most versitile guitarists and composers. Throughout his 17 year career as a session player, he has worked with many of New Zealand’s top jazz & pop musicians and performers, including Nathan Haines, Annie Crummer, Caitlin Smith and Whirimako Black. He teaches jazz at Auckland University and regularly hosts guitar clinics and workshops. His enthusiasm for music is infectious, and his love of jazz is patently evident in every bar on Oxide and Cross Now.

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Kevin Haines

Kevin has had a long and substantial career in music, not only as a much sought sideman, but as a highly respected composer and teacher. Father to Nathan and Joel Haines, Kevin's passion for mucis has had a deep and profound impact on New Zealand music culture, and as is patently evident in his playing on Oxide and Cross Now, he is as committed and fully engaged with the art of jazz as ever.